Torre Cuarzo, Mexico D.F, Mexico

Seismic Friction Dampers provide the Torre Cuarzo with state of the art earthquake protection. Standing at 180m, the Torre Cuarzo uses more than 450 friction dampers.
  1. friction dampers for earthquake protection
    Friction Dampers are inspected once more after painting to ensure that there is no exposed metal. The dampers will be painted once more after installation.
  2. friction dampers shipment
    Friction Dampers are strapped onto a skid or into a crate depending on the shipping method.
  3. torre cuarzo earthquake protection
    The building is protected against earthquakes using seismic friction dampers connected in parallel to increase the slip load.
  4. torre cuarzo friction dampers
    A closeup from the exterior of the building showing the friction damper placement.
  5. friction dampers installed in parallel
    Friction Dampers with the same slip load and stroke were installed in parallel in order to create "larger" dampers with a higher slip load.
  6. Torre Cuarzo Friction Dampers
    Rendering of Torre Cuarzo, image courtesy of Diametro Arquitectos
  7. Installed Friction Dampers
Retrofitting Applications

Alma Hospital, Alma, Canada

  1. Brace with Friction Damper
  2. Damped Brace Seismic Damper
  3. Alma Emergency Wing
  4. Hopital Alma Quebec
The hospital in Alma was retrofitted using seismic friction dampers which allow the building to remain fully operational in the event of a major temblor.
Photos courtesy of CIUSSS du Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean

 Sherbrooke Hospital (CHUS)

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
  5. Managing Director
This project had particular challenges in the connections and the ease of installation of the dampers facilitated the intervention. The building is being retrofitted in stages and the dampers remain hidden within the walls.
Photos courtesy of CHUS Fleurimont

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